Introducing ANI


Autism Network International is an autistic-run self-help and advocacy organization for autistic people. The philosophy and goals of ANI are:

* The best advocates for autistic people are autistic people themselves.

ANI is run by and for autistic people.
* Autistic lives are meaningful and worthwhile lives.

* Supports for autistic people should be aimed at helping them to compensate, navigate, and function in the world, not at changing them into non-autistic people or isolating them from the world.
ANI provides a forum for autistic people to share information, peer support, and tips for coping and problem-solving.
* Autistic people of all ages and all levels of ability and skill are entitled to adequate and appropriate support services.
ANI advocates for appropriate services and civil rights for ALL autistic people.
* Autistic people have characteristically autistic styles of relating to others, which should be respected and appreciated rather than modified to make them "fit in."
ANI provides a social outlet for autistic people to explore and participate in autistic social experiences.
* In addition to promoting self-advocacy for autistic adults who are able to participate independently, ANI also works to improve the lives of autistic people who, whether because they are too young, or because they do not have adequate communication skills, are not able to advocate for themselves.
ANI helps autistic people who are unable to participate directly by providing information and referrals for parents and teachers, and by educating the public about autism.
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