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Circle one:

AUTISTIC PERSON                               FAMILY MEMBER _________________

__ informally or self-diagnosed                                                                  (Relationship)
__ formally diagnosed (by a professional)

"COUSIN" _________________________________________

(Person with a documented developmental neurological abnormality
having a significant overlap with autistic characteristics: for
example, hydrocephalus, Williams syndrome, Tourette syndrome)

TEACHER _______________ OTHER _________________

(Age and level of students)

Enclose subscription fee of $15 ($20 overseas), in U.S. funds, and
return to ANI, P.O. Box 35448, Syracuse, New York 13235-5448.


Joining ANI


To join ANI, please fill out the form above and send it to:

Autism Network International 
P.O. Box 35448 
Syracuse NY 13235-5448 

Our Voices
Membership in ANI includes a subscription to the newsletter, Our Voices, published quarterly. The cost for four issues of Our Voices is $15 in the U.S., Canada, or Mexico, $20 overseas, payable in U.S. funds.
For a sample issue, send a request, along with name, address, and $5. If you
then decide to subscribe, the $5 will be credited toward your subscription.

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