General Disabilities

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* ADA HOME PAGE: "The ADA prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, programs and services provided by state and local governments, goods and services provided by private companies, and in commercial facilities."

* Archimedes Project Home Page: "...providing leverage for individuals with disabilities through information technology"

* CFS HOME PAGE: "Research within the Department of Child and Family Studies (CFS) focuses on prevention, intervention and systems of care for children, adolescents and their families."

* Different Roads to Learning: "Different Roads to Learning, LLC is an on-line catalog specializing in playthings for the learning challenged."

* Disability Links: "While there are a growing number of disability-related resources on the web, no one site I have found has them all. It is my modest goal to provide a one-stop page to some of the more interesting disability-related sites that exist on the net."

* Disability Page: "This page is concerned with the many issues surrounding disability in today's world."

* EASI -- Access to Information for Persons With Disabilities: "EASI'S mission is to serve as a resource to the higher education community by providing information and guidance in the area of access-to-information technologies by individuals with disabilities."

* Gentle Teaching: "This is the home page of a non-violent approach for helping children and adults with special needs"

* Index Page for the Developmental Disabilities Centre

* Making a Good Law Better: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Amendments of 1995

* NCIP Home: "The National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP) promotes the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical and social/emotional disabilities."

* The Option Institute: "The Option Institute: Teaching people how to live happier, more loving and more successful lives"

* Parents Helping Parents: "LINCS is a FREE public service that provides a searchable on-line human services resource directory with a focus on the needs of children; condition & disability files and shareware; and much more."

* Seaside Education Associates, Inc.: This is where you can find information regarding products and services to assist people with disabilities.

* The Sensory Disabilities Research Unit (SDRU) home page: "The Sensory Disabilities Research Unit (SDRU) has been set up in 1993 within the Psychology Division of the University of Hertfordshire to study how new technologies can assist in overcoming the problems faced by disabled and elderly people in their day to day lives."

* Special Needs Education Network (SNE) Home Page: "The SNE (es-en-ee) provides Internet Services specific to parents, teachers, schools, and other professionals, individuals, groups, and organizations involved in the education of students with special needs."

* Support Coalition & Dendron News Home Page: "Support Coalition is an independent international non-profit alliance of 30 grassroots human rights, advocacy and support groups."

* Viewpoint home page: "Viewpoint is Europe's first fully accessible information and campaigning netsite for people with learning disabilities, their familes and carers."

* WebABLE!: "WebABLE! is the World Wide Web information repository for people with disabilities and accessibility solution providers. "

* World Association of Persons with Disabilities Home Page "Our Mission: ' A Beacon of Knowledge and Refuge for The World's Largest Minority '"

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